Top Hair Extension Styles That Works Best For The Summer

Hands down summer is my favorite season! The days are longer, the nights are warm and comfortable, and there are just way more fun and exciting activities to do. That being said, wearing hair extensions in the summer can be uncomfortable if you pick the wrong style.

From my experience a protective style in the summer is a no-go! What's more uncomfortable than wearing heavy suffocating extensions on a hot summer day? No worries we compiled a list of hassle-free summer hair extension styles that are surprisingly convenient and pleasant to wear. Keeping reading to learn more!

Brazilian Knots

Brazilian knots, also very similar to Italian knot extensions, is a method that does not use glue or heat for installation. The Brazilian Knots method consists of securing new hair with thin threads throughout your hair in small sections to give an illusion of naturally grown hair. Installation takes about 4-6 hours depending on thickness and desired look. 

Though, we have seen some keep their installations in for close to 6 months, we recommend removing them every 3-4 months. You should never attempt to remove them yourself, always have a licensed professional hair stylist remove knots. With Brazilian knots, your scalp is exposed, this makes it easier to 

1. No heat or glue is used therefore eliminating that uncomfortable sticky residue that comes from hair glues.

2. Due to the style of installation the scalp is more exposed making it easier to clean and treat your natural hair throughout the hot summer months.

3. Versatility in style makes it easier to wear hair up and away from your neck and shoulders on hot those scorching hot days. 


I-Tips, also referred to as cold fusion extensions; this style is increasingly more popular in salons worldwide and has recently become a trend in North America.

I-Tip extensions are made up of several hair strands glued together at the tip. They are a type of hair extension that latches onto natural hair using flattened microbeads or metal cylinders.

I-Tips are a great option because they offer easy access to the scalp.  I-Tip hair extensions lasts about three months, unlike Brazilian Knots the beads used to install the hair extensions can slip due to natural oils and build up on the scalp and your natural hair.

I-tips are perfect for the summer because they are easy to install, no adhesives, easy to style, easy to cleanse, and allows the scalp to breathe.

Micro Link Sew-In

Micro Link Sew-In also known as a braid-less sew-in; This technique uses small beads to attach weft hair or bundles to your own hair. It is referred to as “Braid less sew-in” because wefts of hair are attached with thread using your own hair as a base instead of using braids as the base.

This technique tends to be much quicker and easier to install and style than a traditional sew-in. Normally it takes about 2-4 hours to install and style depending on desired style.

It lasts about 8-12 weeks but what makes this style so convenient and great for the summer is the ability to easily cleanse and condition natural hair and hair extensions. Touch-up for this style is a breeze, with proper and professional installation the life the style can be extended beyond 12 weeks!


This is one of my new favorite types of installs. It’s quick to install and lite weight. Tape-in hair extensions are sections of hair that are pre-taped usually with medical-grade glue, but MSC Virgin Remy Hair only uses keratin because it lasts longer, and it is safer and healthier for the hair.

Tape-ins should only be installed by a licensed cosmetologist. This kind of install is perfect for anyone looking for extra length, fullness and maximum versatility -- along with minimal tension. This is a great choice for the summer because it is lite weight, easy to style, and quick to install. It normally takes about 1-3 hours to install and style.

Do not attempt to install yourself or allow an unlicensed professional to complete this hair do. If improperly installed and incorrectly removed, you can cause damage to your natural hair. Experienced professionals have the material, equipment, tools, and technique needed to install and remove. This style lasts 8-12 weeks.

MSC Virgin Remy Tape-ins can be reused and re-installed. If you work outdoors and are in the sun for hours this style may not be a good fit for you, the constant summer heat can cause a sticky residue that will require more frequent hair washing.

Summer hands down is my favorite time of the year! Clear and sunny skies, festivals, barely there clothing, and exotic looks I can only pull off when the sun is out.  Pulling off the perfect hair extension styles is possible during the summer season, picking the perfect look and style will go a long way.

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