Tape-In Hair Extensions 101: What You Should Know

Tape-In Hair Extensions 101: What You Should Know

Tape-In hair extensions are not new to the hair extension industry, recently this technique has become more popular.  Tape-in extensions are one to one and a half inches of pieces of hair that are pre-taped with 100% keratin adhesive. It is highly recommended that a licensed trained cosmetologist installs tape-in hair extensions. If not applied correctly it can cause damage and desired look may not be achieved.

How do you purchase tape-in hair extensions?

After consulting with a trained professional, we recommend you purchase your tape-in hair extensions from a reputable company that provides cuticle Remy hair extensions. If the hair is not cuticle Remy, the finished look may look unnatural and bulky. Tangling and matting is a risk with non-Remy tape-in hair extensions. Another important feature your tape-in hair extensions have is that the adhesive is keratin and not harsh bonding glue. Keratin is water and sweat resistant and is easily removed with the proper solution. It is gentler on the hair than bonding or medical grade glue that some hair companies use on their tape-ins. The amount of hair you should purchase depends on the look you are trying to achieve. The average client purchases 150-200 grams of tape-ins for a natural look. The longer the tape-ins are in length the more you may need to achieve a fuller look

How to choose your hair stylist?

A consultation prior to installation should always be completed. This is an opportunity to ask the stylist questions and get recommendations as well as pricing. But the most important part of the consultation in our opinion is to be sure the stylist is licensed and experienced with applying, maintaining, and removing the tape-in hair extensions.  Ask to see pictures of their work, look at reviews, if possible, but do not let anyone casually apply these hair extensions. It is a professional technique that should be carried out by a professional.

How much does this installation costs including hair?

The average of costs of installing tape-in hair extensions including hair is approximately $550-$750. It may cost more or slightly less but this is the general cost of tape-in hair extension install with the hair extensions.

How long does it take to install and how long does it last?

On average it takes about 1-2 hours to install tape-in hair extensions. Each install if applied correctly lasts on average about 6-8 weeks.

How do I take care of my tape-in hair extensions?

Consulting with your stylist is pivotal on care and maintenance. Washing your hair every 1-2 weeks is recommended to keep your natural hair healthy and to maintain the quality of your tape-in hair extensions. MSC Virgin Remy Tape-In Hair Extensions do not tangle and can be washed and styled regularly. After each installation the keratin strips can be replaced, and the hair washed for reinstallation. MSC Virgin Remy Hair Can lasts up to two years with proper care.

Tape-in hair extensions are comfortable, seamless, quick, and easy to apply. It does not damage hair if properly installed and removed. Regular care is simple with this technique. Perfect for thin hair as well as those with thick hair.  Consult with a licensed professional today and see if this the style for you!


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