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Hair Products

1. What is the difference between MSC Virgin Remy Hair and MSC Classique Human Hair?

 MSC Virgin Remy Hair is high quality cuticle aligned hair harvested from one donor. We use the ponytail method to curate our raw virgin remy hair. This hair will last up to two years with proper care. MSC Virgin Remy Hair can be colored, bleached, as well as other chemical processes as long as it is professionally applied. No shedding, no tangling, no matting this hair is top notch quality

MSC Classique Human Hair is not virgin remy hair. This hair comes from multiple donors, the hair is then chemically straightened and steamed curled for texture. This hair is 100% Human 7A grade hair; it can be colored and bleached.This hair will not last as long as our Virgin Remy Hair, it is not as strong and cannot withstand the same amount of processing. This is a less expensive alternative to our Virgin Remy Hair. 

2. How long does the hair last?

With proper care and by following the instructions of your hair stylists MSC Virgin Remy hair can last up to two years or longer.

3. Can this hair be chemically treated?

Yes, both the MSC Virgin Remy Hair and MSC Classique Human Hair can be colored (dyed), bleached, permanent relaxers can be applied. We strongly recommend only using professional products or consulting a professional hairstylist

4. Does this hair tangle or matte?

No, MSC Virgin Remy hair is tangle free and matte free, remember never comb wet hair and do not over process.

5. Can I return or exchange the hair?

No, there are no returns or exchanges for health and sanitation purposes however if you are unhappy with your purchase, please notify us at we are dedicated to our customers. All custom color sales are final as well. 

6. Where does the hair come from?

Our Virgin Remy hair is cultivated in Vietnam, India, and Malaysia. We purchase our hair from these countries because of the authenticity, abundance, quality, and variety of textures these places offer. We have also began to curate hair in parts of South America.

7. How long does it take to ship product?

We ship all in stock items same day of order. If item is out of stock we will ship within 14 business days or less. This may change as weather and conditions that hinder shipping can delay shipments. We dedicate ourselves to expedient shipping an quality services

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