About US

With over 15 years within the hair extensions and beauty industry, Sheryl L. Espinal owner and creator of MSC Virgin Remy Hair & Cruelty Free Beauty, recognized the inhumane, unethical, and discriminatory practices used to produce beauty products for consumers. Sheryl began her career in beauty as a model, makeup artist, and hair salon owner; these experiences have exposed her to a hideous side of this lucrative industry. Worldwide cruel practices to acquire human hair extensions have become more prevalent and common in attaining human hair causing pain and suffering to impoverished communities. The cosmetics industry is no stranger to cruelty towards others, especially the environment. Sheryl made it a goal to create a hair extension and cosmetics company that provides products that cause no harm against others and the environment. 

Sheryl values not only distributing clean and ethical products but also values quality. Unfortunately, thousands of hair extension companies deceive their customers by leading them to believe that they are selling authentic virgin Remy human hair when they are selling either low quality human hair scraps or man-made materials. MSC only carries high-end premium virgin Remy human hair primarily from Southeast Asia. You can rest assured when you purchase MSC Virgin Remy Hair, you are guaranteed to experience impeccable luxurious Locs that can be reused for an extensive amount of time.

MSC is a beauty brand that provides high-end hair as well as top notch cosmetic products that are plant based and cruelty free. 90% of our lip colors and lip treatments are vegan and we only use natural ingredients in our lip line as well as being 100% cruelty- free and paraben-free. Our headquarters is based in Michigan with a team of beauty experts in New York City. We are dedicated to quality, ethically sourced hair, clean beauty, and phenomenal customer service.