About us

Muse Cosmetics was merely a dream that came into fruition. This animal cruelty free makeup brand strives on meeting the needs and desired looks of our "working class diva". What is a working class diva? A totally glowed up fashionista who continues to juggle a life of beauty along with maintaining a budget. Though, most of our products are under $25, you will still enjoy a quality product.

Growing up in a single mother home, I was always amazed at how my mom would get us up and ready for school, get ready for work and do a full face of makeup with very limited products. She is no makeup artist but she would match and mix colors to fit her skin tone. Keeping my mother and so many other young mothers in mind, I wanted to provide a product that was high in quality, easy to use, and most of all affordable.

As we grow and evolve we have changed our formula to meet the needs and standards of our customers all while creating a safe and affordable brand that all walks of life that love cruelty free beauty, can enjoy.