What is a Brazilian Knot Hair Extension?

What is a Brazilian Knot Hair Extension?

The Brazilian Knot Hair extension technique is also known as the Brazilian Technique, Italian Knot Hair Extension, or Elastic Fusion Technique. Though it is known by many names this technique is popular on the East Coast, West Coast, Brazil, and Europe. Though new to some this technique has been around for years. Read more to learn more about this type of hair extensions.

What is a Brazilian Knot Hair Extension?

This technique is when raw strand by strand hair is attached to the client's natural hair using an elastic thread then tied. I-tip hair extensions can be used instead of bulk hair when installing the raw virgin remy hair.

Are Brazilian Knots Good For Your Hair?

There is no heat or glue used when installing this hair extension, this decreases the amount of damage to the natural hair. It is important to have a professional with experience in maintaining hair health do your Brazilian Knot Hair Extension. Allowing a novice or an unprofessional stylist to do this particular style can cause damage to your natural hair. Check out the video below to see a Brazilian Knot Hair Extension installation.


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