Guide To Know More About MSC Brazilian Natural Wavy Hair

MSC Brazilian natural wavy hair is one of our most popular textures, especially in the summer. Each bundle is voluminous, soft, and easy to maintain. This texture blends in with multiple textures of hair for a natural look. MSC Brazilian Natural Wavy can be reused for multiple installations. Here are some facts and tips about MSC Virgin Remy Brazilian Natural Wavy.

What is MSC Brazilian Natural Wavy Hair?

MSC curates our Brazilian hair from small rural areas in South America. It generally has a tighter wave than Indian hair. This texture is versatile can be worn as a wet and wavy look using water and styling products. You can also achieve a full and thicker look with this texture as well by combing the hair when dry.

How to Style Brazilian Natural Wavy?

This hair can be straightened with heat and the curl will return. Once chemically treated the curl pattern may be altered. When coloring we strongly advise to have a professional stylist complete the process to prevent chemical over processing. For more styling tips check out our article on how to maintain curly/wavy hair.

Why Choose MSC Brazilian Natural Wavy?

This hair blends well with multiple ethnicities and textures. This texture is available on the weft as well as I-tips. As stated, before this hair is reusable and can be used for multiple installations. We encourage you to avoid cutting your weft bundles as much as possible so you can reuse for multiple looks. When reusing your hair be sure to take special steps for hygiene and health reasons.

MSC Brazilian Natural Wavy is available for custom color as well!