Tips On How To Reuse Your Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Of course by now you know, all hair is not created equal, so for the purpose of this blog, we are assuming you are using well blended virgin unprocessed or virgin Remy hair extensions. Low quality hair or synthetic hair may not withstand a wash, or may require other techniques such as boiling the hair or using de-tangling hair products to manage hair texture.

1. Once you have removed your installation, I suggest inspecting the weft for string from sew ins, glues, rings or any other debris.

2. Fill a large basin with cool water, add a a table spoon of shampoo, place the hair in the basin be sure the hair is completely submerged. Let soak for 20 minutes

3. Remove hair, add nickel size of shampoo into the palm of your hands and begin gently rubbing the soap through the hair, if hair is wavy crunch and bunch the hair while washing to maintain the curl

4. Take a toothbrush and place a little shampoo on the brush, begin cleaning the weft with the toothbrush, this steps removes any dandruff, dirt, or any debris caught in the weft, this step also helps deodorize the hair.(You can also add a little baking soda to your water when washing to also help get rid of strong odors)

5. Dump the basin and fill with more cool water this time rinse the hair, be sure to remove all soap, you can also run the hair through cool running water until water runs clear. 

6. While hair is wet, apply a fair amount of conditioner, with a wide tooth comb gently comb the conditioner throughout the hair. If hair i wavy or curly use your hands and gently massage conditioner throughout hair and crunch the hair also doing this process, you never want to comb wet wavy or curly hair.)

7. Under cool running water, rinse out all conditioner, it is important to use cool water, this helps strengthen the conditioning process. 

8. Find a dry area, not humid, to hang and allow hair to air dry, blow drying hair can pull hair from weft causing it to become thinner over time. Once dry you are ready to reinstall your hair. Do not install hair extensions unless they are completely dry, using wet hair for a hair extension installation can cause mildew and bacteria growth.



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