How To Care For Your Curly Or Wavy Virgin Hair

Virgin Remy curly and wavy hair is naturally beautiful and sought after because of it’s ability to blend in naturally with hair textures that are curly or wavy. It is one of best textures for the summer. If you are going to have “leave out” or some of your natural hair exposed when wearing weave, curly or wavy textures can decrease the amount of heat applied to your natural hair because styling can be done easily with the right styling products. In this article we will focus on the basic techniques and knowledge needed to maintain your curly or wavy virgin hair extensions. No matter what texture or wave pattern It is important to know how to care for this texture of hair. Though, this hair is stunning and captivating it requires more care than straight bundles or loose wavy bundles. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to care for your curly or wavy hair.

One of the most important materials needed to manage your curly and wavy bundles is the right products. A great styling product along with cleansers and conditioners that are created to support curl and wave definition is a must. Not every product is compatible for virgin Remy hair, so it is important to choose your products wisely.

To avoid destroying your virgin hair bundles health be sure to keep it clean. Cleansing this hair at least weekly to biweekly is recommended. A build up off product and dirt can lead to matting and tangling. Be sure to detangle the hair prior to washing with a wide tooth comb. Wet hair is usually weaker, detangling the hair while wet can cause an increase in shedding and thins the bundles. When choosing a shampoo try using a clarifying shampoo or a sulfate free shampoo. Harsh shampoos high in sulfates can cause the hair to become dry over time.

Conditioning this hair is a must! Do not skip conditioning your curly or wavy hair extensions. A conditioner created for curly hair is encouraged. Apply conditioner to all the hair but focus on adding more conditioner to the ends. The ends tend to dry out more because the curlier the hair the harder it is for moisture to reach the ends. Allow the conditioner to marinate for 5-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly you do not want product build up on your bundles.

Sealing in the moisture with a lite hair oil mix such as jojoba seed oil, Argan oil, or sunflower oil is optional but strongly encouraged. Sealing this texture with a hair oil will decrease dryness and maintain the curl or wave pattern. Use this product sparingly, avoid overusing oil it can weigh the curl down.

If possible, towel dry or air dry your curly or wavy hair. Avoid as much heat as possible to decrease the chances of drying out your virgin Remy curly or wavy hair.

Do not forget to protect your curls nightly with a satin headwrap or bonnet. This is also added protection for your curly or wavy tresses.

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