5 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Blush For Darker Skin

Wear blush or not? Adding blush to your daily makeup look may not be a priority, you may not even own any blushes.Let me encourage you to add blush to your beauty routine; this often overlooked tool can be used to warm and add depth to your face. In the past, choices of blush colors for women with melanin rich tones were non-existent. Blushes tended to be created for women with fairer skin tones. Too light of a blush on darker women will make an appearances of dryness or "ashiness". Over the years blush has evolved tremendously. The color choices for every skin tone is bountiful, but beware, blush color is not one size fits all, you should match your blush to compliment your skin tone the same way you do your foundation or any other other makeup product. Below we listed a few tips and tricks to help guide you.

1. Which formula is best for you?

Before choosing the perfect color let's decide what blush formula is perfect for you. There are different types of blushes. Powder blushes is the most commonly used; it comes as a pressed, loose, or mineral powder. Great for all skin types, powder blush is more manageable because you can control the intensity of the color; lightly apply for a more natural effect or apply it heavier for more intense color and depth. There is also other choices my personal favorite is cream blushes. Cream colors come in a pot or as a color stick. Creams are more intense in color; it is easy to go overboard with creams. Remember with cream blushes a little goes a long way. Another popular choice when it comes to blush are cheek stains and liquid blush. I have yet to use this formula myself, but from research and talking to friends that uses liquid blush, they are crazy about! Liquid blush can be worn under foundation instead of using blush as topper to your finished look.These formulas are the most intense in color.The idea of applying them under the foundation supports a natural glow instead of intense cheek color.


2. Try making a fist- Clench your hand tightly into a fist. Immediately open your hand and note the tone of the palm of your hand, the flushed color you see can be used to gauge the tones of your blush. Doing this trick allows you to see your natural tone when you are "blushing" or when your skin is warmed by the sun.


3. The deeper your tone the deeper your blush- The deeper or darker your skin tone is you want to be sure to choose deeper tone blush. As stated earlier, if you choose a color that is too light it will ruin your finished look by making you look pasty or "ashy". 


4. Look for colors that are saturated with pigments- A sheer formula or a blush that it isn't intense in color will not show very well on dark skin. 


5. For a more natural look be sure to use a blush that has the same color as your undertone- All blush colors are not created the same. Some have tones of brown, reds, orange, blue, yellow, etc. Knowing your undertone if it is cool or warm will allow you to choose the most natural blush color.

I hope these tips will encourage you to embrace wearing blush; celebrate your dark skin with the warm glow of blush.


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