Summer Bridal Makeup Basics

I always dreamed of a beautiful outdoor summer wedding! A crystal blue sky with just enough sun to warm the day with happiness and laughter. Though,  summer months produce beautiful scenery it can also breed hot, sticky, uncomfortable conditions for a bride wearing makeup, a dress, a ton of hair product, and God knows what undergarments are in place. Here are some Muse makeup tips for the "summer Bride"

  • Primer- This step must not be skipped, using primer, allows makeup to last longer and reduces shine. "Too Faced" carries an amazing primer, but there are plenty of great primers.
  • Quality Products- We all are on a budget, but for exceptional great looking eye makeup use eye shadows with higher density of pigmentation, try Muse Super Silky Shadows, or Urban Decay Naked Palette, these events lasts for hours, so should your shadow, also be sure to use an eye shadow primer.
  • Absorption of Moisturizer- before applying your primer (I should have mentioned this first), apply moisturizer, be sure to press product into skin and allow to settle in skin one minute before applying primer and foundation. The moisturizer allows for a better application both the primer and foundation, when the summer sun is beaming on your foundation you need all your products to work their individual magic.
  • Sweat/Tear-Proof- Be sure to wear a matte foundation and waterproof mascara, Becca Cosmetics carries an amazing matte foundation, Maybelline FitMe Matte Poreless foundation is a less expensive alternative. No, matter what skin type you use, matte foundation is more practical, just in case the tears and sweat start rolling, matte foundations can stand against tears more so than a dewy finish foundation
  • White Washout- If you are wearing a white dress, be sure to use natural/neutral tones, wearing too much color against a white dress can "wash" you out, it will look tacky. Use natural tones that compliment your skin tone.
  • Timeless Look- In twenty years overly drawn brows, and bright metallic green shadow may look trashy, using natural makeup allows for a timeless beauty that transcends for years!

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