Why You Should Buy Ethically Sourced Extensions

Fortunately, in the recent years ethically sourced beauty products have become more popular and encouraged. The same cannot be said for the hair extension industry. Hair extensions sourced from women and men by force with unfair pay is quite common worldwide. The abusive practice goes ignored due to the high demand of virgin Remy hair. MSC believes that ethically sourcing our hair extensions from willing donors who are paid fairly is vital in protecting human dignity. Continue reading to learn why it is so important to purchase hair that has been curated humanely.

Ethically sourced hair extensions is hair that has been acquired without force with fair compensation. Many companies use deceitful and abusive practices to harvest hair. They often target impoverished communities and those with no voice. Hair extensions from human donors can be cut or attained when the hair naturally falls out due to the natural hair growth cycle. Most of MSC hair extensions is sourced from India. Due to rituals and traditions of cutting or shaving the hair in India we can gather hair that has been donated solely by choice and not by force. The hair is sold to hair curators for a fair negotiated price. This type of hair can also be referred to “temple hair”. Though, we gather hair from other regions MSC ensures that all our hair donors are fairly compensated by establishing close relationships from the donor vendors.

We never sell fake virgin hair! We do not sell fake virgin hair because of the amount of waste and chemicals used to create this hair. The process of creating fake virgin hair will wreak havoc on the environment and increase waste considerably. Materials that create fake virgin hair is not recyclable or biodegradable this results in a ton of waste and is bad for the environment. MSC Virgin Remy Hair is reusable; we suggest after use of your MSC Virgin Hair clean and store properly to be used later.

Virgin Remy hair is higher in cost than fake virgin hair or non-Remy hair but is usually ethically sourced due to the standards put in place to gain Remy hair. Here at MSC we believe in providing our customers with high quality premium Remy hair and transparency on our sourcing practices. We work with hair that is only Remy and that has been donated in specific regions where the donors are paid fairly and encouraged to sell their hair at fair prices.

Purchasing ethically sourced hair is not only good for our environment, rights of impoverished communities, it is also reusable which saves you money in the long run. Make the choice to purchase your bundles from a company that is ethical on our hair acquiring standards

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