Everything You Should Know About I-Tip Hair Extensions

Get instant length and volume with an I-tip hair extension installation. This method has become more popular and sought out lately. This very popular method does not require heat or adhesives. When installed by a professional this offers a natural seamless appearance. This offers versatility in styling because of its ability to look more like your natural hair compared to other types of weaving methods. Read below for more information about I-tip hair extension and decide if it is the right option for you.

What are I-tip hair extensions & how is it applied

I-Tip hair extensions also referred to as microbeads is a type of hair extension that is applied by using pliers and small metal beads that are flattened or clamped to attach the hair extensions to your natural hair. This is also sometimes called a cold fusion because it attaches hair without heat or adhesives. Small groups of hair extension strands that are bound together by keratin (I-tips) are threaded through a microbead that is attached to the client's natural hair by using a looping tool. The hair extension tips once inserted into the bead are attached by using a clamping tool to flatten the round beads and in return the hair is attached to your natural hair without heat or adhesives. This allows the hair extensions to look very natural. I-tips hair extensions can be applied to many different hair types and textures. 

How Long does I-tips hair extensions last?

With regular care, professional installation, and proper maintenance an I-tip hair extension can last an exceptionally long time. It can last 2-6 months with intermittent touch-ups and twice monthly cleansing. The most important step in elongating the time of an install is having a professional hair extension stylist apply your I-tips. Not having a professional or a stylist with little to no experience applying your I-tip hair extensions may result in the tips slipping or falling out unexpectedly. During touch-up appointments the stylist tightens the beads, examines the hair for slipping extensions for tightening, cleanses, and styles the hair for a fresh more revived look. Another important element in having a long-lasting hair extension is using 100% virgin Remy I-tips. This hair will not tangle, and it can also be reused for another installation. Also, virgin Remy I-tips looks natural unlike lower quality hair extensions.

What is the Cost of I-Tips Hair Extension?

I-tips are applied easily and much quicker than other methods, but it is not cheap. The prices aren’t outrageous but costs more than other methods such as a sew-in. Costs of hair impacts the overall price of the installation. If you decide to use synthetic or lower quality hair extensions, you can save money, but the end result may not be as natural looking or seamless as with a higher quality hair. It’s not worth it to use lower quality hair for this type of hair extension. Installation costs depend on the volume of hair you add as well as the experience of the stylist. The average cost ranges from $200-$700 not including hair; for quality hair this can cost $80-$300. 

What are the pros and cons of I-tips?

Though, this is a great way to instantly add length and volume to your natural hair, it’s not for everyone. Below is the list of Pros and cons of this type of hair extension.


No heavy weaving due to the strands being light in weight; will not weigh down on your natural hair with too much pulling or tugging.

I-tips will not cause damage to your natural hair. Since there is no heat, glue, or any other chemicals required to install it will not damage your hair if installed correctly and removed properly.

Virtually undetectable because of the small beads that come in multiple colors to blend into your natural hair color it makes the hair extensions almost invisible. 


Daily maintenance can be challenging. Since you have beads throughout your hair it may be slightly difficult to brush or comb your hair the same way you have done without the hair extensions. Basically, you have to learn a new way to brush and comb your hair without snagging the beads.

It can be expensive compared to other methods of hair extension installation such as a sew-in. The cost of hair along with installation can cause prices to hit the $1000 mark or more depending on the hair stylist, the amount of hair you use for your install, and the quality of hair you use.

Prior to installation book a consultation with a professional stylist to be certain I-tip hair extensions are right for you.

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