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Top Ten Healthy Hair Habits

Top Ten Healthy Hair Habits

Having the appearance of healthy hair is easy but to actually have healthy hair you need to put some effort into it. Nothing good comes easy, here are my top ten easiest tips to getting healthy hair.

10.You are what you eat! Food affects the health of your hair.
Having a well balanced diet is important. You get most of your vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acid from what you eat. Be aware of what you eat your body does not absorb or process certain foods and can affect how your hair grows as well as your scalp never forget about your scalp. If your scalp is unhealthy your hair will be unhealthy. Your scalp needs the proper amount of nutrition in order to have the proper amount of circulation that would allow your hair to grow and continue to be healthy.

9.Product knowledge...
It's vital to know what your using on your particular texture and hair type.
Read the labels ,don't just buy the "Brand" name read what's in it. It might not be for you. Read the directions.  Example if the conditioner say apply and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse. Do just that.

8. A little goes along way...
Don't go over board  with products and styling. Too much product can dry the hair causing breakage or weigh it down making it difficult to style. You should only use hot tools (flat irons, curler, or blow dryer on hot) every 7-10 days you don't want heat damage. 

7.  Give it a break...
Sometimes it's easier to throw our hair into a ponytail or braid it up; maybe even get a wig/weave. Not allowing you hair to breath can cause damage to the ends or mid shaft. In between styles make sure you keep your ends moisturized and trimmed. That will keep your hair strong plus it will continue to grow. Wearing ponytails too much causes mid shaft breakage that gives the appearance your overdue for an end trim. If you need your hair to be up and out of the way. Braid it into a stylish bun. Don't use rubber band ever find hair ties that have no metal clamps on them that can pull the hair out.

6.Don't do it yourself.....
Always consult a professional when it comes to chemical treatments. You don't want to over process your hair, it'll effect the growing process of the hair and damage the scalp. Maintenance of chemically treated hair is important to keep it healthy. Follow the instructions of your stylist in between appointments. If you color your hair always use color treated hair products it keeps the proper amount of moisture in the hair. Relaxers, perms, and other texturizing treatments must be maintained as directed or your hair will fall out.

5. Treat yourself don't cheat yourself....
At least once a month do an oil treatment that will help maintain shine, thickness, and important nutrition your hair needs to stay healthy. Deep conditioning is a great way to reinforce moisture to the hair plus help with split ends. Some people do a D.C. weekly, biweekly, or even once a month. I recommend every 2-4weeks to prevent over use of products.

4. Protect your hair...
It is vital to use heat protection on your hair and use it right. 
- Before blow drying: Your putting hot air on your hair that can severely dry the hair. Potentially breaking if done too much.
- Before using hot tools: When using direct heat on hair you can easily burn the hair. Heat protection will help keep your chances of burning low.

3. Use tools right....
When blow drying the hair not only use heat protective products but make sure NOT to put the dryer directly on the hair put it on a downward slant while continuously move side to side. Never hold the dryer on the hair too long it can burn the hair or skin. If you use flat iron or curlers use it at the right temperature for your hair type. Ex. Fine hair need less heat 375 at most. More coarsely textured hair needs more heat like 400-425.You should never have to use curlers at 450. If you want to straighten your hair before curling use it at a lower temp, ex. straighten the hair at 375-400 then curl it at 425 less damaging.

2. Moisture is key...
No matter what type or texture your hair is , it will always need moisture of some sort. Some will need to use a daily moisturizer while others may not. Find a moisturizer that is water based with oils like coconut, jojoba, grapeseed is a great one. You want a product that won't weigh the hair down. 

1. Water, Water, Water......
Water is the most important way to keep your hair healthy. Drink at least 8 cups a day, if you take any sort of vitamins or medicine you should drink more than 8 cups. Like I said before if your scalp is healthy your hair will be too. Depending on where you live the water from your tap might be hard or soft. If you live where your water is hard try to find a water softener at your local hardware store. When styling use rose water to saturate the hair if needed. It smells beautiful and keeps hair soft and hydrated.

Hope my list is helpful. Keep in mind that your hair is a journey enjoy the process of discovery.
~MiMi Styles~

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