How Do You Know Your Hair Type?

What does it mean to have a hair type? Do you know what your hair type is? Being well-informed on your hair type is crucial to maintain a healthy mane. World renowned hair stylist Andre Walker created a numerical system in 1997, he created a comprehensive way to categorize the different hair types. This was and still remains significant because it allowed us all to better understand what each individual hair texture type needs as far as care, styling, and when purchasing hair extensions.

How is hair types categorized?

As aforementioned, stylist Andre Walker created a numerical system to categorize different hair types. Hair types are classified from numbers 1-4 along with subcategories grouped with letters. For example your hair type maybe 1A of 4C. Let's dive into each category of hair types and learn about suggested hair care and recommended hair extensions for weaving.

Hair Type 1- Straight Hair

This hair type is straight and has no curl pattern it can be coarse, thin, thick, or fine. Hair type 1 also has sub-categories. Hair type 1A is straight while being fine; this hair texture is very soft, shiny, hard to hold a curl, hair tends to be oily, and hard to damage. 1B hair is straight but has more volume and is slightly thicker than hair type 1A. Finally, type 1C Straight hair is usually more coarse and often is "bone straight". When purchasing hair care products for this category be sure to avoid products saturated with oils and heavy creams, clarifying products along with oil-free moisture is encouraged. MSC Virgin Remy Hair Indian Straight comes in multiple Straight Textures that blends well with this hair type.

Hair Type 2- Wavy Hair

Type 2 hair is wavy, unlike type 1 hair type 2 hair has a natural wave pattern. Type 2A hair is is versatile and can be styled in various different ways. This types tends to have a loose "S" pattern. With this hair type you want to avoid heavy oil saturated products, it will weigh down the natural pattern of the curl. Instead utilize volumizing products such as a mousse or a curl definer that is water based. Hair type 2B is a bit more challenging to manage and style due to its likelihood to be frizzy. This hair type has a more detailed and defined "S" pattern than 2A. On the other hand, 2C hair type has wider waves, 2C can also be resistant to styling. We strongly suggest using products that promote moisture and controls frizz; anti-humidity and humectant hair products are perfect for this hair type. MSC Virgin Remy Hair Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Indian Natural Wavy is a perfect match for this hair texture type.

Hair Type 3- Curly Hair

Type 3 Hair is curly generally, it's curl pattern differentiates. For the most part this hair type overall needs moisture and frizz resistant products. Brushing this hair while dry (this also applies to hair extensions with this hair type), causes frizziness. 3A hair type is thick and full with plenty of body with a well defined curl pattern. Hair tends to be frizzy. May have a combination of textures. 3B has a tighter curl pattern than 3A. For the most part, there is a medium amount of space in between the curls may even be a combined texture. 3C hair has the tightest curls, similar to a spiral or a "corkscrew" curl. This hair can be styled with a leave in conditioner and your fingers! MSC Malaysian Curly hair is a great match for hair type C.

Hair Type 4-Coily or Kinky Hair

Type 4 hair is very delicate and requires intense moisture. Heavy oils should be avoided, instead deep hair conditioning treatments, hair creams, butters, and hair masques, hydration and maintenance is key to maintaining the health of this hair type. The healthiest style of hair for this type is a wash and go approach, natural styles with minimal heat. 4A hair type has a defined coil, 4A has a distinct "o"-shaped pattern. 4B hair is also tightly coiled but in a "Z" shape. 4C on the other hand is tightly coiled with almost no visible defined pattern, unless seen from up close. Has more of a tight "o"-shaped pattern. MSC Natural Brazilian Kinky Straight and Brazilian Kink Wavy is an amazing match for type 4 hair.

No matter what type of hair you may have knowing and understanding what type of hair you have and knowing what products work best for your hair is essential in maintaining healthy tresses. 

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