How To Maintain and Care For Your Virgin Remy Hair At Home

Virgin Remy hair has become more popular to those that wear hair extensions simply because the quality is superb, it allows versatility in styling, and saves money over time because you can reuse your bundles. To insure you can reuse your hair be sure to maintain your premium strands with optimal care. Investing in high quality premium hair should not be taken for granted. Secure your investment by caring for your Virgin Remy Hair at home. AM care, PM care, and a styling routine should be put in place to get the most out of your tresses. Let us dive into interventions you should put in place to care for your raw Virgin Remy Hair.


Washing Your Virgin Remy Bundles Is Important.

This type of hair weave should be treated as if it were real hair growing from your hair. Washing this hair regularly at least everyone to two weeks is essential to reduce product build up and reduces the chances of hair looking lifeless and thin due to being weighed down from oils, dirt, and hair styling products. Avoid using hot water when washing the hair opt to use lukewarm or cold water when washing your tresses. Invest in a gentle moisturizing shampoo that way the hair can maintain luster without being weighed down with heavy oils and creams. You can also opt to use low sulfate or sulfate free conditioning shampoos as well. After shampooing you can follow up with a lite conditioner that is infused with Moroccan oil; be sure to rinse well so hair is not weighed down.


Before You Go to Bed Protect Your Virgin Remy Bundles.

Just like with your natural hair it is important to protect your raw virgin Remy hair at night. You can braid your hair in large braids, use the “hair wrap” technique for straight textures, or you can arrange hair in a pineapple bun, and cover it with a hair bonnet or a silk scarf. Not only will this help protect the hair style it will prevent the hair from becoming frizzy.


When You Wake Up Comb Properly.

It is important to use either your fingers or a wide tooth comb on your bundles to minimize shedding and to detangle the hair from a night of sleeping. Do not comb hair while wet; the hair follicle is weaker when it is wet doing this may rip the hair from the weft. If you plan to wet the hair comb it thoroughly when it is dry.


Be Selective with The Styling Products You Use When Styling Your Virgin Remy Hair.

It is important to avoid styling products that contain alcohol and sulfates. These ingredients are drying and will strip your virgin Remy bundles over time. If you want to reuse your hair treat it with special care.

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