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What To Look For In Your Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

What To Look For In Your Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

A hair stylist is an integral part of your life whether you accept it or not. I know a lot of women do their own hair, but even a periodic visit to your hair stylist is very important for your hair health, as well as some time for yourself. I remember when I relocated to another city hours away from my home, finding a reputable, affordable, and professional hair stylist was sort of nerve wrecking and made me slightly anxious. Here are some of my tips on finding the perfect stylist for you.

1. Honesty Is The Stylists' Policy

It's very important that you have a hair stylist that is truthful for multiple reasons. Money isn't easy to come by, sometimes we go to the salon and the beautician may begin to go suggestion crazy. By time she is done you have accidentally spent $100 more than intended! That's OK if you can afford it and if your stylist is strengthening your hair and nourishing your strands. If your hair is weak or damaged you would want someone to tell you and provide you with needed treatments to begin to rebuild your hair. On the flip side, sometimes you run across a hustler that may suggest unnecessary add-ons. Besides, think of it this way an honest hair stylist will lead you to a successful path to hair health, they will also tell you when your hair is progressing positively, as well as if they are running behind or if they need to reschedule. A good hair stylist will tell you the truth directly and respectfully, don't be afraid to trust, but also have some idea of the true health of your hair, start with a consultation prior to moving forward with  any services.

2. Is Knowledgeable About Hair & Hair Health

Hair is an art, some people can create beautiful pieces of work, but is the finished result healthy for your hair? Some stylist unfortunately, give in to clients and will provide styles that are not appropriate for their individual hair health. Then again some cosmetologist just plain don't know any better. It is vital that your stylist not only provide a beautiful result, but also have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to build healthy and strong strands while providing flair and style.

3. Is Your Stylist's Style Dated?

Me personally, I want my hair stylist to educate me and introduce me to new styles and innovative hair treatments. Someone, who isn't really current in their industry may not be the perfect fit if you want to be stylish and trendy. I suggest asking the stylist if they have a portfolio, Instagram, Facebook, anywhere you can see recent work, then you can decide,if their style fits yours.

4. Can You Afford Their Prices?

Please by all means consider this in thee equation, price and costs. Ask the stylist before booking an appointment if they have online hair menu with prices or if they can provide a list of prices. Though, you ask for prices keep in mind prices may vary depending on the length of your hair, the thickness, and the style desired. Be fair to yourself and your potential hair stylist by deciding up front if you can afford the prices. But please do not sacrifice hair care for price, if you do this you may end up in the hands of a hairstylist that doesn't care abut hair health causes damage; this will cause you to have to  more money regaining the strength of your hair

By all means don't be discouraged and afraid to ask questions prior to booking your appointment. A professional will understand. always go by how you feel!


Feel free to comment with feedback, questions, and provide your favorite hair stylists' information!


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