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Tips On Caring For Your Vietnamese Virgin Remy Hair

Tips On Caring For Your Vietnamese Virgin Remy Hair

So, you just purchased your Vietnamese Remy Hair, you are so excited, your hair stylist completed and awesome installation, and you are looking flawless. The intoxication of your new stunning look is so distracting you forget to get hair care instructions from your hair stylist on your new Virgin Remy Vietnamese Hair! How do you care for your locks daily, nightly, weekly? How often should you wash your hair extensions, how should you dry? So many questions.

After you have taken about 100 selfies, you have decided you want to keep your cute look alive, but how? Caring for virgin remy hair is simple but necessary. This hair will last for over two years with proper care. Neglecting your bundles can cost you a pretty penny in the long run

Well, there's good news: #MuseMob has your back! We will have all the tips and tricks you need to care for your Vietnamese hair! Though, the hair care methods are similar to other textures, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when wearing this particular texture.

The hair extension world has evolved over the years and has grown. With the growth of the hair extension business options have expanded and more rural countries are becoming suppliers. One country that provides large amounts of beautiful hair is Vietnam.

Things To Remember When Wearing Vietnamese Virgin Hair

  1. Pre-Installation bundle maintenance- Prior to installing your hair be sure to co-wash and air dry.This step should not be skipped, this is raw virgin remy hair conditioning is needed to reinvigorate the hair cuticle. Please see video below for more tips on pre-installation bundle care
  2. Avoid cutting the weft- though, in certain cases your bundles must be cut, to achieve a desired style, over cutting the bundles for quick faster installation increases shedding and makes its challenging to use for future installations. Instead speak to your hair stylist ask them to use the folding method as often as possible, if they disagree maybe it's time to look for another stylist?
  3. Wear a bonnet nightly- with straight hair you can wrap the hair; with both wavy and straight you can separate in two sections and braid and cover with a bonnet. Or whirl or twist hair and pin up while i the bonnet. Keeping the hair extensions protected at night elongates the life of your hair style and prevents the hair from breaking.
  4. Decrease product use- Yes use as little hair styling products as possible, too much will weigh the hair down and rob your hair style of volume.
  5. Wash every 10-14 days- Keeping this hair clean is a must, when the hair is clean and conditioned, like our natural hair, it is bouncy and has a natural sheen. Also keeping hair clean will prevent tangling; dirt and residue causes hair to bind or stick together


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