Matte Lipstick "Nurse Betty"

Muse Cosmetics

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Muse Matte Pale Pink "Nurse Betty"  Lipstick

Muse Cosmetics provides a convenient all in one cream lipstick. Get high impact color while moisturizing your lips!

  • Cruelty Free Lip Color, this lip color was created without harming animals
  • High Intensity Color, bold hues and pigments added for extreme color
  • Easy Creamy application, won't dry lips, but it will soften them!
  • Full, Build-able Coverage

This Color Is: Powder Pink,  hands down "Nurse Betty" is the best selling matte lipstick on This great to have to layer on an intense matte lip color to your look. Wonder how "Nurse Betty" looks on you upload a picture below, follow the steps, and instantly see how this color suits you!

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