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Muse Lip Prep Kit

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Prep your lips for the perfect lipstick application every time with Muse Lip Prep Kits. Get smoother, softer, hydrated lips, enhance your smile with beautiful lips. This gentle naturally based product is great for daily use. Soft kisses and lipstick application will never be the same, this kit includes one sugar lip scrub your choice of Melon Sugar or Sugar Cane, Muse H2O Lip Gloss, and Muse Lipstick Base!

1. Exfoliate with our sugar lip scrub, wipe the sugar granules away with a towel or napkin

2.Hydrate your lips by applying Muse H2O nourishing vitamin enriched gloss, that can be worn alone

3.Apply Muse Lipstick Base to lips, this will neutralize any discoloration on the lips and allows lipstick to last longer, without feathering

"I used to smoke, and my lips were dry and discolored, using the scrub daily improved my lips tremendously!" Bianca- Raleigh, NC