Muse Semi-matte finish Peach Pink Lipstick "Clockwork"

Cream Lipstick "Clockwork"

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Muse Cosmetics provides a convenient all in one cream lipstick. You get high impact color while moisturizing your lips!

  • Cruelty Free Lip Color, this lip color was created without harming animals
  • High Intensity Color, bold hues and pigments added for extreme color
  • Easy Creamy application, won't dry lips, but it will soften them!
  • Full, Build-able Coverage
  • Creamy, semi-matte finish

This cream lipstick color is: Pink/Orange, this lip color is great for an every day "soft glam" look. Would you like to see how this color looks on you? Upload a picture of yourself below, follow each step, you can see how this color looks on! Try this lip color with your next bold eye makeup look.