Wavy Lace Frontal/Closure

Wavy Lace Frontal/Closure

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The wavy closure goes well with most of our wavy textures, "Wet n Go" Technology allows this texture to blend with almost any soft to medium wave.

Closure pieces are usually used for sew in installations, and custom wigs. If placed correctly just behind the hairline, it can allow you to wear all your hair under with look of a natural scalp.

We use high quality lace net when manufacturing closure. Our lace will not shrink post wash or hair dry.

This Base Closure was hand-crafted, each closure was hand ventilated to provide the ultimate natural look

The piece will attach securely and blend seamlessly with your existing hairstyle, giving you complete confidence at a moment's notice.

All of our closure are free part, you can create a part anywhere you like