Virgin Remy Hair

Brazilian Natural Curly Virgin Remy Hair

Muse Cosmetics

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Brazilian Natural Curly Virgin Remy Hair

We know how frustrating it is when you spend your hard earned money just to later find out that the hair wasn't worth a penny.

Rest assure Muse Virgin Remy Hair extension is 100% real human hair with a 100% intact cuticle.

Having an intact cuticle elevates the quality and life of the hair, having this intact cuticle is what makes the hair remy, and further assures our consumers that our hair is cultivated from one donor.

With proper care and chemical treatment done by a professional, this hair can last up to two years.

Our micro weft technology and seal allows for minimal to no shedding. No embarrassing patches of hair everywhere. Strong and durable, this hair can withstand an intense coloring process.

Our hair is curated by one donor to ensure constant quality control. This particular hair has been harvested from the rural tropics of Brazil; ethically sourced.

Though, our hair extensions is affordable especially for the quality we offer flexible payment plans are available such as our online lay-a-way, you pick the plan that suits you.

Hair Care Tips:

Curly hair requires a lot more maintenance than straight and wavy textures. Due to the natural coil in the hair. Here are some basic reminders on care , please refer to our FAQ for more information.

  • Never comb DRY curly hair, unless you want a poufy afro look, which I LOVE!, But if you want to better define the natural curl, be sure to comb while dampened or wet.
  • Be sure to detangle hair prior to washing or wetting the hair. Remember the hair naturally coils and may require detangling. If hair is dirty or weighed down with product and sweat, it will need to be combed thoroughly before washing or wetting. Be sure to detangle the ends of the hair first and work your way up.
  • Using cool water to wash the hair, coat the hair with your favorite conditioning shampoo, gently wash the hair with out pulling or tugging on the hair.
  • Condition the hair for 5-10 minutes then rinse hair in cool water, hang and let air dry

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