Berry Cream Matte Lipstick Scary Sherry

Muse Cosmetics

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Berry Cream Matte Lipstick Scary Sherry
Berry Cream Matte Lipstick Scary Sherry

Berry with a touch of deep pink is the perfect color for an everyday glam look!

Some days you just want to be bold yet simple, acquiring this duplicity can be frustrating if your lip color isn't as universal and diverse as Muse Cosmetics' Scary Sherry. 

Transfer resistant, smudge proof and non drying, Muse developed a matte cream that can not be matched. Intensely saturated with full coverage color, minimal application is encouraged to achieve maximum results from our extended wear feature. To remove this lip color eye makeup remover or coconut oil is recommended

Proud to be paraben free, gluten free, and vegan

Our large lipstick tube gives you more product for your money, transfer resistant and flexible, no concrete brick feeling when you apply this matte cream to your lips. Easy to use angle tip wand allows for precise and simple application when a lip brush isn't handy. 

Due to the consistency of our formula you can line your lips using our matte lip cream to seal in your lip color and display the appearance of a clean and professional lip makeup look. Remember after the initial application allow lip color to dry and set for five minutes, if another layer is desired be sure lip color is completely dry prior to second application, applying on top of wet matte cream can cause smudging.

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