Where Does Muse Virgin Remy Hair Come From?

Muse Virgin Remy Hair is harvested predominantly from Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Though, we offer hair from other parts of the world, 90% of our hair extensions comes from Southeast Asia. 

 Vietnamese hair tends to be straight, we also import hair from countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia for more curlier and wavy textures.

Unlike other textures, Southeast Asian hair tends to be thicker, this is why our tresses can withstand chemical processing without becoming compromised.

All of our hair is raw and has not been treated or altered. The benefit is the versatility and the purity of the hair, but because each person is different, each texture can be slightly different, all while carrying the same characteristics.

High levels of melanin in Vietnamese hair tends to require you to bleach hair for all coloring processing. This is necessary because of the pigment in our hair you must bleach it in order to lighten or darken.

Quality control is our goal along with providing top of the line authentic raw virgin remy hair. Our hair with proper care can last for 2 years, thanks to the hairs natural characteristics.


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