Last Minute Girl Night Ideas!

Sheryl Espinal

There is plenty of stimulating activity buzzing through the streets of  the USA, no matter what part of the country you are in or your political views, I'm sure you are prepping yourself for the terrible holiday traffic, angry shoppers, and  irritated spouse you forced to come with you because you needed a wheel man. No fear, rest assure this day shall pass and Black Friday Night is upon us! This is the time when the most wild college parties and local gatherings get LIT! Maybe, you are not in the mood to party hard but you want to unwind from all the holiday pressure, or just let your hair down with the girls without the pressure of having to do a complete "Glam Over" (only if you have the energy). Well check out this fun ideas for loosening up after the stress of spending money on others!

1. Spontaneous Wine Tasting Fiesta- go to your local grocery store or liquor store and pick out a few wines, they don't have to be expensive, put a post on your favorite social media page or do a group text inviting the ladies over for a wine tasting, require everyone brings either a wine or an hors'deuvre. Set up a "buffet" style help your self bar and let the good times roll. Require that everyone brings something small so you don't have to spend much and besides a little dish per person is less expensive than going out to eat around strangers.

2. Glam Over Party- Call all the girls and tell them to bring all of their makeup and the makeup they just bought while out shopping for Black Friday, encourage them to also bring some of their new items they purchased on Black Friday, the idea is to do each others makeup, get dressed up and take a ton of selfies and pics to post on twitter or even go live on FB looking dolled up and having fun with friends!

3. Netflix Raffle- Yes, we all love our streaming movies, even if we do have cable, the power of choice and control leads us. That being said, tell the girls you are throwing a Netflix raffle, everyone brings either a cocktail or movie snack, they write down on a piece of paper what netflix movie they want to see, put it in a container, shake it up, choose a movie and enjoy. After each movie is over I enjoy giving a summation a critique of the movie, share your ideas and see how each other felt all while having fun!


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