What is Virgin Remy Hair?

Hair extensions and the hair industry has grown tremendously in the last five years; with growth comes growing pains. Unfortunately, there are unethical, immoral, and dishonest hair companies online and in store, that sell low quality processed hair as virgin remy hair. There are three types of high quality hair extensions, Virgin unprocessed hair, Virgin Remy hair, and remy hair. Today we will explore virgin remy hair, the highest quality of the three.

Virgin Remy Hair is a combination of both virgin unprocessed hair and remy hair.

Virgin unprocessed hair, means just that, it hasn't been chemically treated at all, besides fumigating (this is needed to kill any bugs, such as lice). Virgin hair also has not been through a steam process, steaming is a chemically free way to add a wave pattern to virgin hair.

With steam curling, they add curlers or rollers to the hair and put it through a very high heat steaming process, to create a curl pattern.

Remy hair is high quality, due to the fact that the natural hair cuticle is still intact and following one direction. Remy hair can withstand coloring, and chemical processing and still be of the highest quality. Though, remy hair is high quality, all remy hair isn't unprocessed. Some may have been colored or steam processed. That being said all virgin hair isn't remy hair. 

There are some companies that sell virgin unprocessed hair, but it is not remy, the cuticles aren't intact, and it comes from multiple donors. This can cause matting and tangling, largely due to the fact that multiple donor hair is usually brush hair from salons and shops, these scrap pieces are mixed together and sold. But, sold as virgin unprocessed hair.

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Sheryl Espinal

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