Virgin Remy Hair: Expectations v. Reality

Sheryl Espinal

Virgin Remy hair is hair extensions that have not been chemically processed or altered. When collected from a single donor this allows for a higher quality product. The single donor collected hair provides hair that the cuticle remains intact and lies in the same direction, this is what makes the hair Remy. Non-Remy hair usually has gone through a chemical process or is "Brush hair" ( brush hair is hair collected from hair salon floors and brushes, multiple donors, cuticle doesn't follow same direction). 

Though, Virgin Remy hair tends to be more expensive, it actually saves you money in the long run. Rather than continuously purchasing hair whenever you get a hair weave install, you simply wash and reuse the virgin remy hair extensions. Besides virgin Remy hair allows you to become more versatile with styles and coloring. Compared to synthetic hair it is by far the better choice, considering synthetic hair can only withstand certain temperatures of heat. I remember I had a hairstyle using synthetic hair, I was cooking, when I opened the door to the oven, my hair began to melt! Yikes! This completely ruined my style and my budget. Human hair extensions don't melt, but they tangle and matte when they are not Remy. Below is an illustration of a hair cuticle intact and one that is damaged.

You should look out for certain qualities when purchasing your virgin Remy hair. Beware of companies that over sell the hair with unrealistic expectations. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when purchasing:

  • Color- virgin Remy hair is usually natural in color, keep in mind the natural color of people from those regions tend to be and compare when purchasing, look for signs of coloring, if colored this is not virgin Remy hair this doesn't mean that is not Remy hair or a high quality of hair, it means that it has been through a process so it is not virgin.
  • Style- what kind of styles do you think you plan to wear, nothing is more upsetting than buying a texture or s style that you don't want to wear often, consider if you want a wavy look which tends to be less maintenance or do you prefer an everyday straight look? Don't feel pressure to purchase what's in stock.
  • Company's Hair Policy- it is important to know and understand the policy of the company and what they guarantee, check out customer reviews and be sure to ask questions when in doubt, and if it doesn't pass the smell test don't buy

Though, virgin Remy hair is the highest quality of hair weave, you must treat it well, virgin Remy hair still needs to be cleaned and conditioned regularly like human hair ;over processing and incorrectly chemically treating this hair can damage it beyond repair. If you are not good at chemically processing the hair take it to a professional. Now, that being said, if you purchase virgin Remy hair and it mattes or tangles, I suggest alerting the company right away, these are signs of low quality hair and may not be virgin Remy, virgin Remy hair doesn't tangle or matte. The facts are there is more fake virgin Remy hair being sold than authentic hair.


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