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The Difference Between Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair & Cambodian Virgin Remy Hair

The Difference Between Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair & Cambodian Virgin Remy Hair

Though, it seems as if exotic virgin remy hair extensions is a new phenomenon, it actually isn't. In the 70's and 80's hair was curated from Italy, South America, India, and other countries, this was not very popular amongst every day women because it was so expensive only the very rich and celebrities could have access to quality human hair extensions. Thanks, to the explosion of hair curation and also technology, exotic virgin remy hair is now available to everyone. Beware of fake virgin remy hair!  Today we will be discussing two specific types of virgin hair, Malaysian and Cambodian hair, though both of these countries are in South Pacific Asia, the textures are remarkably different, but equally amazing.

Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair Facts:

Malaysian hair is curated from the country Malaysia. It comes in multiple textures, but usually all Malaysian hair is shinier than other textures, it looks as if it has a natural sheen. Malaysian hair also tends to be heavy and dense; Malaysian hair seems to be a popular choice also because how well it responds after chemical treatment, blends well with multiple types of textures, no matter your ethnicity.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Hair Facts:

Cambodian hair is curated from the country Cambodia, this hair is a little newer to the hair industry, more consumers are becoming familiar with it. Though, Cambodian hair comes in multiple textures, it tends to be very thick and has a natural healthy shine, rather than a high shine like Malaysian hair. Cambodian hair is ideal for those that want a more natural look, especially for women with curlier or kinky hair. This hair is tough and upholds very well too chemical treatment.



In our humble opinion, both textures are great, the choice depends on the style or the look you are going for


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