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The Bumpy Back Epidemic! What You Can Do To Stop BACNE

The Bumpy Back Epidemic! What You Can Do To Stop BACNE

Dealing with back breakouts are inconvenient and hard to battle, a lot of people neglect to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize our backs. Though, you may even cleanse properly, blemishes still may occur. The #MuseMob Beauty Team put together this guide that can help you prevent recurring back breakouts. 

1. Wear A Clean Bra-. If you wear a bra, it is should ALWAYS be clean. Changing your bra or hand washing it daily will decrease the growth of bacteria. Also, if acne exist dirty bras will make blemishes worse, but tight straps constantly rubbing against pimples will only irritate them, strapless bras are ideal for those with an active breakout.

2.Breathable, Clean Clothing Daily-. Wearing clean clothes daily is a not an option, you do not want to put a germy, bacteria embedded fabric on your skin. When possible refrain from wearing tight suffocating fabrics, also if you wear a backpack be sure to shower after a long day of sweating and or carrying your sack; breathable fashion and natural fibers will reduce your breakouts greatly. 

3. Shower Regularly-  No matter how tired you are shower at least once daily. I suggest if you are in the midst of a breakout begin to use antibacterial body washes, Dial is my favorite. If you bust a sweat, please be sure to shower as soon possible, your sweat is full of toxins and waste, allowing your sweat to settle in pores can clog them causing nasty black heads. Invest in a back and body brush to exfoliate and clean hard to reach areas.



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