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The Blush Dilemma:  How To Choose The Perfect Blush

The Blush Dilemma: How To Choose The Perfect Blush

For years, I've avoided blush, the notion that blush was only to be used on fair skin was implanted in my head. Today, these ignorant myths can be silenced forever, due to the large variety of blush colors and consistencies, anyone can  find the perfect blush, but the challenge doesn't end there, how do you apply it properly? Follow these easy steps to achieve the perfect blush application!

What type Of Blush Do I Choose? Powder and gel blushes are good for oily skin; cream is best for normal to dry skin types. No matter what type you choose, the shade should match your natural coloring, try to pick one that reflects your skin tone when you blush. For darker skin tones warm, golden, corals, and pink blushes are the best to avoid looking clownish.

  • Choose a color that will compliment your best facial features and isn't too noticeable. Bright red may not look so hot on a pale person but can be terrific on an olive or brown skin tone.
  • If you are fair skin or very pale a pink color or maybe even something with a little tan and pink infused would be a good choice
  • Depending on your skin tone, you might need a lighter or a darker color. Dark skin needs a lighter and warmer colors, whereas fair skin may need a more natural color such as brown or tan.
  • A cool trick to try to help choose the perfect color would be to  make a fist for about ten seconds, and the color your fingers are left with is the color you should attempt to match for the perfect blush color

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