Purple Metallic Lipstick: Would You Wear This Color?

Sheryl Espinal

Is the over the top colorful trendy lip color phase over? I hope not, because I personally love my bold awkward yet beautiful lip colors. Though, this purple lip color isn't one of those "awkward" colors that I speak of, but it may make your employer uncomfortable (trust me I was constantly being reprimanded for my lipstick choices).

Let's just go over a few bullet points:

  • The Packaging is chic and cool. Silver lipstick box with pink accents, seal with a big pink kiss is eye engaging.
  • The consistency is pretty lite and sheer, no heavy sticky glue goo feeling (I hate that by the way)
  • The smell is very minty and refreshing almost like spearmint gum, when applied your lips begin to feel a tingling sensation, don't be afraid, that is the soothing menthol and other nutrients protecting and soothing your lips
  • The pigment is very impressive a little goes a long way, feel free to build!
  • No runny leaky feeling, color stays in place doesn't, run.

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