Product Of The Week: Muse Brow Duo

Sheryl Espinal

After years of attempting to perfect the perfect eyebrow shape, I finally have my perfect technique! Having the correct skills is only half the battle, having a great product is just as important! 

With the Muse Brow Duos, beautifully filled in brows are a breeze. This silky formula glides on easily with a medium to full coverage application. Unlike, some brands whose powder is hard as a brick, you know the type, you have to really dig your brush in certain products, use eye drops, and keep reapplying for good coverage. Not, with Muse Brow Duos, simple, easy, and silky. 

Muse Brow Duos are only $12 bucks and lasts for a very long time, try this product today, achieve the beautiful brows with the best brow powder out!

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