Nude Lips On Dark Skin: Avoiding Pookie

I love a great nude lip, but often times finding the perfect nude lip color can be a challenge for darker skin tones. Often times makeup brands don't offer warm enough nude tones for darker skin. The fear I have when wearing a nude lip, is the appearance of the The New Jack City character played by Chris Rock "Pookie" the appearance of dry over exposed lips. Now full lips are super sexy, but when wearing a nude color you want to define and enhance, not over expose. I use a brown lip crayon first to define the lines in my lips, this also prevents the Pookie look.
Muse Brown Lip Crayon
After I apply my lip liner, the next step is Muse Matte Lipstick "Caramel Latte" 
I am looking for drama, though I can wear "Caramel Latte" alone, I want depth today. So the next two colors I add, (yes, I'm wearing three shades for this look) is Muse Liquid Matte Lipstick "Union Rep" Then I Follow it with Muse Liquid Lips "Coffee Break"
Here's the Finished Look!

Sheryl Espinal

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