My Top Favorite Lipstick Colors For 2017!

The New Year is here, seems a little futuristic the sound of saying 2017 still somewhat amazes me. This year I plan on being bold with my lip color, this lip color is apart of the best cruelty free makeup line out here, so this year these are some of the colors I will be rocking, what do you think about my color choices?

1. Biohazard-this brick red is warm enough to warm the coldest day. Great for an office look, bold enough to be seen, but conservative enough for work. This is a semi-Matte creamy concoction.

2. Clockwork-this color is so dainty and girly, it's a pale pink mixed with a tangerine hue. I love this color great for alone wear and basing any pink toned lipstick.

3.Bow Down- this is the perfect color that says eff the normal conformist and be the lead with the best hig pigment liquid lipstick, dries to a velvet Matte finish its amazing.

4. Scary Sherry-this color is wonderfully universal conservative enough for work, yet fierce enough for a hot date. I am feeling this purple aura.

Sheryl Espinal

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