My $50 Fashion Haul!

Before love, marriage, and baby carriages, I never really was the "thrifty" shopper, partly due to my impulsive behavior and my lack of love for "aisle" shopping.

I'm absolutely in love with online shopping; thanks to me and so many millions of others, more retail stores are closing! In my small city alone, Macy's has closed, Kmart, and Rue 21 will be closed in days, they are already selling fixtures.

Though, some retail stores are closing a lot of people still prefer to try their clothes on before they buy, or even the help of a store rep conjuring up a killer outfit for them is still an experience that millions of people crave, and instant gratification of not waiting for the delivery is something even avid online shoppers still find usefulLast Saturday I drove by the local shopping area, saw a huge "Store Closing" sign in the Rue 21 store, I like there clothes enough, but I must admit I love those inexpesively made shoes they have hanging of the rack, they are super cheap and cute, and I love their accessories. By time I had gotten there all the things I favor from Rue 21 were pretty much gone, it had been devoured! I thumbed through the clearance rack where you get an additional 75% off the clearance price! That was music to my ears. This is what I found!

1. Two pairs of stretch jeans, one gray, the other almost a dark  army green ( I have too many pairs of blue denim jeans)

2. One gray and white striped waterfall skirt

3. One lace back support bra

4. One black backpack purse

5. One graphic tee

6. Two pair of sunglasses 

The total was $53.27 to be exact, how do you think I did? Where do you like to shop and save!

Sheryl Espinal

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