Most Common Skincare Mistakes

You would think that a good skincare routine would be simple and carefree, but that is not always the truth. Even with some of the best skincare products on the market skincare mistakes are still being made! Compare your skincare routine to our list, see for yourself if you have a solid regimen.

1.Sleeping With Makeup- How often do I hear, "I don't wear makeup because it breaks me out." Are you properly cleansing your skin? Going to bed with a face full of makeup is just asking for trouble. You must wash your face daily when wearing makeup, I use micellar water or baby wipes first then I follow it with my Dermalogica clearing face wash.

2.Stripping Oily Skin- Yes we want to fight excess oil, not totally strip the skin of natural oils and nutrients that helps protect and nurture our skin. 

3. Popping Pimples-I am a victim of this terrible habit, removing blemishes. This isn't a great habit to keep because it scars the skin, interrupts the healing process and may expose the area to infections.

4.Not Using Sunscreen- This is a must, sunscreen protects the skin from UV damage. Often people skip this step because they believe it is for more fair skin or they are not in the sun often. UV damage affects all skin tones negatively, and UV damage can be found in some indoor lighting.

5. Over Exfoliating- Though, this is a must this shouldn't be over done. If your face feels raw after exfoliation, the product maybe too harsh opt for a more gentle product that will not damage your skin.

Avoid these common mishaps and get the skin you deserve.


Sheryl Espinal

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