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Makeup Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

Makeup Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

If You know me, you know I am blind as a bat! I have been wearing glasses for years! Like, so many others I use to feel less beautiful and I felt my efforts to wear makeup was diminished. Too shay, glasses and sexy eyewear are more fashionable than ever, you can incorporate an amazing eye look with your makeup here are a few pointers.
1. Go Neutral- Eye makeup won't be the focus in your look a nice neutral tax will be sufficient since your eye makeup efforts can bee overseen by your eyewear. neutral eye makeup will be the best choice
2. Bold Lips is A Must- Since you have gone nude on the eyes go bold on the lips, add bright pinks, reds, or oranges, any bold color would be appropriate when wearing your specs
3. Mascara-mazing- Use this oldie but goodie when wearing your eye wear just because the eye makeup is nude doesn't mean the affect shouldn't be bold
4.Thick Frames Equals Thicker Eyeliner- When sporting thick frames, like I have to because of my thick lens just add more liner to your eye look, it will be more noticed and not over shadow by the thick frames. The same is true with thin frames
5.Play Up Your Cheek Makeup- This is the perfect time to put those glow kits to work, proper application will make your look more glamorous and defined
Long gone are the days of glasses not being makeup friendly, try these tips next time you wear your sexy specs!

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