Makeup Brushes 101: How To Use Foundation Brushes

The makeup industry is ever changing and evolving, one staple in makeup is makeup brushes. Though, our fingers are the best tools, at times the "finger" application is not practical or professional, especially if you are applying it to others! We here at have decided to create a series to thoroughly explain the many uses of makeup brushes. Today we discuss foundation brushes.

 Though, there are many different types of foundation brushes, next to a stippling brush the flat foundation brush is by far the best makeup foundation brush to have in your arsenal of to complete your makeup brush set. The flat foundation brush comes in a variety of shapes, dome shape, angle, and standard. Depending on the type of product you are using and the effects you are trying to achieve you should use your brush accordingly

1. Dome shape- I prefer to use this brush in hard to reach areas, like the bridge of the nose, and in the eye socket area, this is great brush to use when applying liquid foundation using the "tap and press" method, Instead of swiping and whirling foundation around, this brush allows to press foundation into the skin, allowing for you to have more coverage and a flawless finish.

2. Standard Shape- This brush is a very common makeup brush and usually the most affordable makeup foundation brush. A lot of companies such as E.L.F and Morphe Brushes, offer this style of brush at such a lower price than the other leading brands and it is good quality. This is a basic tool every MUA should own, great for beginner makeup artist, allows for even application and it allows you to use less product.

3.Angle Shape- This by far is my favorite of the flat foundation brushes, I personally believe this one is pretty much the only flat foundation brush you really need. It is so versatile, the angle is great for achieving the perfect contour, I also use this brush for under eye corrector and concealer application, I also use Muse Cosmetics Setting Spray with this brush to apply the perfect highlight without that powdery finish.

I strongly suggest playing around with your brushes, remember price doesn't mean quality I found the best makeup brushes at Costco, sometimes the most inexpensive makeup brush set is the best.


Sheryl Espinal

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