How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Don't you just wish your lashes were naturally the length of Naomi Campbell's legs, thick and full? Let me help you achieve this sought after look with your handy dandy mascara. This product has been neglected throughout the years, but we are bring her back to the forefront, I believe every look requires mascara, even when you wear falsies.
  1. The first step is choosing your mascara, there are so many choices out there you want to be sure you are choosing one that fits you best, for example if you have thin very sparse lashes, using a volumizing mascara would be the best choice, or if you have very short or extremely curly lashes that you want to lengthen, try using a mascara that focuses totally on lengthening. Remember there is a mascara for every type of lash look you are trying to achieve. In today's market there are also mascaras that are enhanced with nutrients to promote growth and prevent further damage to unhealthy lashes.
  2. Next you want to pick a shade, though black is usually the go to for all, but if your skin is very fair dark brown or brown, would be a better fit. Play around with colors, blue mascara looks great on dark brown eyes, it actually makes the eye look more brown, purple mascara really compliments green eyes.
  3. Bring back your eyelash curler or go buy a new one, this tool makes a big difference in the lashes, I even like putting black eye liner on the lash curler prior to curling the lash, it allows for an instant improvement in the appearance of volume.
  4. When removing wand twist open the mascara, then twist around in the bottle to assure the entire brush is covered with product. Be sure to wipe off excess, I often just rub it off on the tube opening or a tissue.
  5. Look up when applying lashes, I heard a way to prevent blinking is to hold your mouth open, for whatever reason this prevents blinking
  6. Be sure to focus on the roots of your lashes, this is where the lashes will appear fuller, besides putting too much on the tips of your lashes will cause product to possibly end up on your face.
  7. Wiggle the wand from the root of lashes to the tip to produce flaring, also be sure to add a second coat get the inner, outer corners, and bottom lashes

    Sheryl Espinal

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