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Fight The Raccoon Eye! Our Complete Guide To Fighting Dark Circles

Fight The Raccoon Eye! Our Complete Guide To Fighting Dark Circles

I am fighting with all my strength to keep my youthfulness, and that starts with keep nice bright toned eyes. Yes, we must baby the skin around our eyes it is very delicate and fragile. No need to worry though, if you can't afford expensive creams, here are some easy DIY remedies, that you can do at home daily, and see results rather quickly.

1. EYE Love Almond Oil:

Nightly, after cleansing the skin thoroughly, take a few drops and lightly apply around the entire eye, avoiding getting the oil into your eye. Almond oil naturally lightens dark circles under the eye and promotes skin pliability.

2. Cold As Ice:

Cold, caffeinated tea bags are not just some old wives tale, it's an amazing nightly or daily practice we should make apart of our regimen. The caffeine in the tea bags promotes circulation while the coolness decreases puffiness and also aides in diminishing dark circles. Leave on eyes for about 20 minutes, play a little music and relax also.

3. Cucumbers Are More Effective Than That One Brand:

Cucumber is a natural skin lightening agent, but also it is a purifying astringent. It soothes tired, neglected eyes in little to no time. Cut the cucumber in 3/4- 1in. thick slices, refrigerate for just a couple of hours, apply to both eyes, be sure to keep eyes CLOSED, let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Continue with these steps two times a day until desired results, decrease to a few times a week. Be sure to cleanse the area with water after the treatment, cucumbers are bleaching.

4. Hydration:

Everything I write about when it comes to beauty always end, with water, I myself am battling this demon daily, not drinking enough water, this is a beauty super tool and does wonders for under eye circles!

5. Natures Power Tools:

Rose Water, Raw Potato, lemon juice (Real lemon juice), and Tomato, these vegetables and fruits are great topical treatments for dark under eye circles, not only does it invigorates, it naturally lightens under eye circles!

Try these amazing tips and let us know how they work for you!

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