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Easy Way To Apply Strip Lashes

Easy Way To Apply Strip Lashes

To look glamorous daily can be quite a challenge for me, considering the children, work, my business and so forth. I can't resist the look of wearing a great pair of lashes, even with very little to no makeup a pair of strip lashes can make you look all that much more fresher and younger. Personally, the falcon wing look is not my cup of tea, but I do love drama when it comes to my eyes. This is how I apply my strip lashes.

1.Trim Those Lashes, to avoid seeing excess line from your strip lashes. Also trimming allows for longer wear it prevents lashes from "lifting".

SIDE NOTE!! Be Careful When Removing From Package- Gently remove your lashes with tweezers from inside out, if you deform the lash, wrap it around your finger or makeup brush to restore the curve, sometimes cheaply made strip lashes can't be saved, be sure to get a trusted brand.

2. Apply glue with a makeup brush, toothpick, do not freestyle with glue, adding too much can make a nasty mess that will discourage you.

3. Wait until the glue is tacky, I like to push it to point of almost dry. When you wait until the glue is tacky it helps with control, just in case you need to adjust the lash, you are not leaving a gooey residue behind, that can ruin your eye makeup!

4. Look Down, do not close your eye completely, you don't want your bottom lashes to get caught in the glue, please don't glue eyes shut!. I use tweezers, some like their fingers. I aim my false lashes to the center of my lash line, I get close then I drop them right on my lashes.

5. Once drop, I seal the inner and outer corner with my tweezers. Add Mascara to better conceal my natural lashes into the false ones.

That's how I apply my lashes, does this way work for you?

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