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Creating The Perfect Spa Get Away At Home

Creating The Perfect Spa Get Away At Home

Reminiscing on my bathing ritual as an adolescent, I would have candles, aromatic incense, soft music playing. I can't imagine how my mother could afford my long showers and frequent bubble baths! Thanks, Mommy by the way. That being said, years later I set out to create this oasis right in the comfort of my home. But, being the mother of two ravaging super hero boys, I often find quiet time being less and less these days, no complaints here I enjoy the company of my children, but a little break helps me love them even more, if I am relaxed and pampered the home will be relaxed and pampered, just ask my husband, LOL! So here are somethings You will need to create the perfect spa experience at home.
1. Cleanser, Toner, Masque, And Moisturizer
2. Cool Tea bags or eye mask ( can be purchased at any Target, CVS, Walmart, etc)
Body Care
1. Cleanser, Body Scrub, Toner (spray bottle), moisturizer
2. Any bubble bath or foam you enjoy I prefer bath bombs, or powder goat milk
1. Flame or flameless candles, scented with favorite aroma
2. Soft Music, Sounds of Nature
3. Plenty of Towels Egg Timer or Alarm Clock
Before running your bath water which we will refer to as your private Jacuzzi, cleansed your skin as directed and  apply facial masque. Once masque is applied begin to run the bath water adding your special potion, it the music, light those candles! Why not have a little tea or champagne. While in the tub apply your cool tea bags or eye masque to your eyes. Midway through your soak, begin to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Do not stay in tub for more than thirty minutes, using your egg timer to alert you when time is up would be great to remind you to go back to your busy life. Please don't get drunk or inebriated to the point when you fall asleep and drown too death. Don't do this when you are too tired or lethargic, this time in the tub is time for you to relax and rejuvenate.
Enjoy Your Spa Day!

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