All About Free Part Closures!

Sheryl Espinal

What is a free part closure?

Well, let's begin by explaining what a "Closure" is; a closure is a hair piece that is commonly made of lace or silk, lace is the preferred or more common choice. The closure is secured to a braid  or cornrow and secured on the outer perimeter of the hairline to ensure a natural look while protecting your hair. We suggest you have a professional install a closure. Closures are also used to create custom wigs.
A free part closure is one of the three most common styles of closures which includes, free part, middle part, and three part. Free part is my personal favorite because it allows you to create a more custom part, and hairline. The other types of closures are pre plucked and may not fit you.

How to customize your free part closure:

1. Gently wash and condition your frontal upon purchase. Pin frontal down on a foam head, or hold securely on a flat surface, choose where you want your part to go, using a rat tail or thin comb, part the hair and blow dry your frontal as flat as possible exposing the part.

2. Using tweezers or your fingers you can pluck out the hairs in the perimeter of the hair line and where your part is located, remember natural hairlines are thinner than the rest of your hair on your head; try to recreate your own hair line. This process may take awhile, but be careful not to over pluck, you do not want to create a bald spot and or ruin your lace or silk base.

3. Concealing the knots, you can bleach the knots (in our next blog we will explain), use concealer, or powder to allow the base of the closure to look even more natural and compatible with your skin tone!

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