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Alcohol: The Beauty Killer


Alcohol abuse and drug addiction destroys our physical appearance rapidly. Overuse and dependency on this legal substance alters the brain dramatically, causing cognitive issues such as, memory loss and even early onset dementia. Besides, the health issues abuse and addiction of alcohol causes, it also robs the body of youthfulness and beauty. Yes, this causes you to be unattractive quickly. Alcohol not only kills your good looks, but it can and will take your life.

The signs and symptoms of alcohol dependency are so obvious, it can't go unnoticed. We sometimes turn the blind eye to friends and family who are suffering from this disease, the truth is the signs are there in our face. When hang overs and alcohol sickness interferes with the persons responsibilities such as work, school, or any activity. Drinking and driving regularly with no fear of the legal ramifications, memory loss, brain shrinkage, injuries and accidents that cant' be accounted for these are all some significant signs of alcoholism.Drinking Time Machine

Alcohol addiction will make you unattractive quickly. Noticeable damaging side effects shows in the persons outer appearance. Such as widening of the nose, also known as "Whiskey nose", this happens because of the dilation of capillaries from the alcohol. Over consumption causes pus filled zits, widened pores, and gives skin a pale gray cast. This also causes bloating and weight gain, hence the name "beer gut". But the bloating is not limited to the abdomen area, but also to the face, and kidneys. This happens because the body is depleted of fluids and electrolytes, so whenever fluid is ingested it holds onto it for survival purposes. Is it worth is to lose your beauty and your life?

I. myself as a young adult in the military struggled with alcohol abuse, it was due to lack of maturity and understanding the serious side effects. My mother was my inspiration to control my urges to over consume. She is in her fifties and looks as if she is in her thirties; Momma always said "I stay sexy, because I stay healthy". The hurtful process of watching alcohol decay a persons looks right in front of you is worth speaking up and telling them, hey you look like sh$#t! Save the lives of our mothers, sisters, daughters, and family by telling them the truth, alcohol will kill you!



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