A Berry Pink Lip Color That Compliments Darker Skin Tones

Sheryl Espinal

I love bright colors on dark skin! I remember as a child how my aunt would discourage me from wearing bright colors, encouraging me to only wear nudes, golds, and clear gloss. Her reasoning would be that I was "too dark" for certain colors (smh). Unfortunately, this was wholeheartedly believed that dark skin girls should limit themselves to just a certain few colors. Thanks to a lot of black or minority owned Indie brands along with bloggers and celebrities with darker complexions, we have seen all women wear all colors and feel secure doing it!

Though, I never limit myself to one type of color or pink, this Scary Sherry by Muse Cosmetics is the perfect berry pink for any occasion or situation.

It's completely transfer resistant, with proper application this color will stay in place for hours without dehydrating.

It is a cream based liquid, it has a very silky feel when applied, once dried the color sticks and feels lite on the lips, not heavy and congesting

Below you can see me trying this lip color on, is this a lip color you would wear?


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