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So Many Haters, So Many Lovers

So Many Haters, So Many Lovers

“So Many Haters, So Many Lovers"
By Tiffany of LifeTellsTales

In life there will always be “Haters” (a term used much too often) and “Lovers”. You will never meet everyone’s needs or expectations and there will always be someone who doesn’t like you! Some things are inevitable and since it’s just apart of life, here’s my perspective of life from the Hater vs. Lover standpoint.

For oh so long, I’ve been in denial that there were people who just weren’t going to like me! I’m not talking about the people who don’t like nobody (everybody has a friend who you can’t take ANYWHERE because everybody hates her LOL), but the people you “thought” liked you or the “frenemies” who constantly bring out the worse in you. Recognize those people don’t like you and move on! Negative energy will eventually consume your mind. I truly believe people can love but not like which is dangerous. I also have come to find out people you admire can be jealous of YOU, so read the signs early. The most dangerous haters are the ones in your camp. They know your weaknesses and business so be careful. Outside Haters, are usually a minimal threat so I say give them little attention if any. They are not going to make or break you UNLESS it’s a special circumstance which we don’t have time to blog about frfr! ( Sidenote let’s NOT falsely label people Haters either. All too often people call anyone who doesn’t agree with them a hater, the term is misused regularly.) Handle Hater situations accordingly and get them away from you and out of your circle. If you sit back and observe actions you will see your LOVERS and start to appreciate the positive!

It’s easy to get consumed or bogged down with what’s wrong and who doesn’t like you, so often times we forget who LOVES us! Lovers are so much more important than Haters, because they are your lifeline. Your Lovers are your friends, family, partners, colleagues, admirers….and although I don’t suggest you walk around calling people LOVERS, unless that’s the case, the term merely represents the opposite of haters . They are your support system, the ones who take care of you when you are sick, OFFER to help you get things done or manage tasks. Lovers provide the fabric to your life, they are your therapists, the people you trust and who understand you most. For these reasons I feel placing more importance on these persons are necessary and remember a birthright or title does not guarantee entry into this category. The Lover category is for those who motivate and make you better. They back your goals, giving encouragement, and inviting you in. I try to keep a positive attitude and since I have started really taking a look at life and what’s important, and I determined a few lovers beat an army of haters any day! You have to protect yourself by keeping positive people who truly care and add value to your life.                        

 #Love #LifeTellsTales .(Tiffany of LifeTellsTales on 7mileradio airing May 19 from 7pm to 8pm and every Thursday after. IG @ lifetellstales)

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