Sex Lines: Unisex Fashion in Today's Fashion Industry

Lately, more and more celebrities have been playing with a budding fashion trend, unisex clothing, gender-less fashion. Stars such as Jayden Smith, Young Thug, and many other celebrities can be seen wearing what we label as women apparel, dresses, skirts, tight fitting jeans. Though, these men and women claim to be heterosexual, they enjoy wearing clothing from the opposite sex because it is the wave of the fashion future.Designers, such as Gucci and Luis Vuitton is playing in this unisex genre.

Me, personally I don't want to share my skirts with my husband, but I often wear his clothing, like a blazer or a shirt. Is this a double standard, is it more acceptable for women to wear men's clothing than a man to wear women's clothing?

What do you think, should fashion be gender-less

Sheryl Espinal

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