Shed The Pounds on Your Makeup Bag!

Over are the days when we would carry around an overstuffed, over packed, makeup bag. Nine times of ten half the products in our bag are expired or we don't use about 70% of what we carry in our beauty bags!

First thing is first, dump your bags, spread all your products out and get a good look at what you have, seeing the problem is the first step.

Once you have all your products spread out in front of you, scan through for products that are expired or over 8 months old, once identified toss these rancid germ buddies in the trash. You should never use old expired makeup or skincare products, this can cause serious skin issues.

Then, remove products that you don't use daily and store them in your beauty cabinet, but I the product is not used daily, no need to keep it with your daily products store them and bring them out only when needed, feel the weight shedding yet?

Invest in products that are multi use, for example Muse Cosmetics offers products that are multi use, you can use the lipstick base as an eye shadow base, and as a highlighter, that is three products in one! Purchasing multi use products will take less room and less money!

Remember ladies more doesn't mean best, organizing your makeup is necessary for good hygiene!




Sheryl Espinal

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