Skincare Tips For Dry Skin

What a beautiful dream, to have great normal hydrated skin. Well, unfortunately this isn't the case for many of us. Dry, flaky, dull itchy skin can be a hassle and uncomfortable. Besides the heightened sensitivity that dry skin possess, those with dry skin seem to age faster than those with normal or oily skin. Here are some tips we put together to help you ease your pain and reach the goals of beautiful healthy skin.

  1. Caliente! Stay Away From Hot Showers- nothing feels better after a long day than a long hot steamy shower, well if your skin is dry you might want to skip the hot shower, by no means should you skip a shower, but instead have a shorter warm shower. Hot water strips the skin of it's natural oil barrier, long hot showers daily will deplete your skin of moisture.
  2. Baby Be Gentle, Don't Use Harsh Cleansers-Dry skin tends to be sensitive and easily irritable. Don't further upset your moody dry skin with harsh cleansers that are high in fragrance, and drying surfactants. If you have dry skin you want a cleanser that is soap-free, detergent free, and dye free
  3. Be a Conscious Shaver-If you shave and have dry skin, be aware you are walking a fine line, shaving is oh so risqué with those that have dry skin, you literally are scraping away oils from the skin, the best time to shave for those with dry skin is after a shower, this prevents tugging and tearing that irritates dry skin very badly.
  4. Get A Humidifier When It's Cold- All skin types gets a little drier during the winter season, but those with dry skin seem to be living in their own personal desert during the winter. Invest in a humidifier keep it running throughout the winters month. Winter air is much more dry than summer and spring air, thus dehydrating dry skin even more during the winter, that is why the humidifier is a must have.
  5. Skin Protectant Is Not A Choice, It's A Need- All skin types should of course protect your skin from the largest star in the atmosphere, the Sun. Dry skin will suffer more from sun damage than any other skin type. sunburns to already dry skin is painful and matures the skin, keep young, and keep out of the sun.
  6. Stay Away From Synthetic Fibers- Even your clothing choices can affect the condition of dry skin, natural fibers are the best, synthetic fibers or rough textures such as wool, can irritate dry skin and cause it to be flaky and even more dry.
  7. Drink H20, Ingest Fruits and Veggies- drinking water isn't a choice, especially if you already have parched skin, increase your intake of water but also increase your fruit intake. Fruit is rich in intracellular fluids that hydrates the skin first, unlike water that hydrates your organs first and skin last. Water, fruits, and veggies hydrates skin and keeps it supple.

Keep Hydrated, Protect Your Skin, and Enjoy Life On The Hydrated Side!

Sheryl Espinal

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