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Makeup: To Wear Or Not To Wear That Is The Question?

Makeup: To Wear Or Not To Wear That Is The Question?

Makeup: To Wear or Not to Wear…That is the Question…

It appears there is an ongoing battle between the “Naturals” and the “GlamQueens”, with each side constantly proclaiming to remain supreme. The truth of the matter is whether you like no makeup,a face full of makeup, or some simple mascara and gloss it’s all the SAME in some respects. Most women want to look beautiful and if that means make up SO WHAT!

Social Media, filters and apps have turned a cute girly thing into a measure of true beauty. Due to the overwhelming amount of “amazing transformation” videos we forget MOST women who wear makeup are naturally beautiful! Make up is an ENHANCEMENT. It makes what’s already good better. It’s like getting a fresh wax on your new car, it’s only to enhance what’s already there. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up and putting on a full face of makeup, just like there’s nothing wrong with slathering on some lotion and greasing your lips with Chapstick. At the end of the day it’s really all about what makes you happy. All too often we condemn those who are different from ourselves when the goal is always the same, to look and feel fabulous. If you’re an all-natural girl I challenge you to get a makeup artist and make a spa day, and if you’re a GlamGirl, I challenge you to a nude only gloss day. I’ll never forget my first makeup appointment. It was my 30th Birthday and I haven’t turned back since. Although I don’t wear foundation or powder outside of events, lipsticks, shadows, mascara, liners, BB Cream and all other things beauty, have become my friend. I do both all natural (hair, no make up, trainers, nails, perms etc) and I can turn into TiffBarbie with the Drag face. Makeup is about fun, personality or WHATEVER you want it to be!

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